The application of self-service terminals has become more and more extensive, and its comprehensive features and functions have led to a large demand for in various industries. At present, the needs for self-service terminals in various fields has shown a steady growth trend, while bank self-service kiosks occupy a large share in the market. In the future, as the pace of life continues to accelerate, the technology of self-service terminal gets more and more advanced, especially the application of new technologies such as artificial intelligence is deepening, the application of self-service terminals in various industries will be further improved, and the design will be more user-friendly and function more diverse.


Tonme cooperated with Bank of China, Shantou Branch, supplied over 100 pcs self-service kiosks. All these self-service kiosks are sprayed with high-quality outdoor plastic powder, which is rust-proof and wear-resistant. The mainboards are from well-known domestic manufacturers, functioning well and stable. The self-service terminal adopts streamlined design and operation is user-friendly, simple and convenient.


Bank Self-service Kiosk


For a very special place like bank, it is very necessary to install a self-service terminal because of large number of people flowing in and too much daily business to deal with. Bank self-service kiosk helps bank staff better manage the bank business, its 24 hours all-around working also better serve customers.