Bus Station Billboard


Public bus station billboard generally refers to the construction of a rectangular light box in the bus shelter, adding a picture or video on one side or both sides of the light box for advertising, also known as the bus station light box advertising. The advertisement of bus station billboard standing in the big people flow, making people feel a kind of visual pleasure while waiting, the advertising effect is unique. The interaction with the bus body advertising highlights the comprehensive advantages of public transport advertising.


Compared with other outdoor media, the bus station billboard can deliver more specific information content than the large outdoor advertisement due to the repeated and relatively long stay of the waiting people. It not only passes brand information, but also tell some details about the promotion.


Bus station billboard can help customers reach the largest target audience in the shortest time. It can quickly and effectively improve the visibility of brands, which itself is a landscape of beautifying the urban environment. The brand information transmitted by the bus station billboard advertisement is concise and direct, does not occupy the consumer's time, and is not easily transferred like a TV broadcast advertisement. It does not turn pages like a newspaper, which can effectively avoid the loss of media delivery costs. Also night lighting system makes the picture better visual impact.


Tonme cooperated with Shenzhen Public Bus and built over 500 pcs billboards in different bus stations across Shenzhen. Different advertisements on Tonme bus station billboard are playing every single day, reaching its customers on their fine way.