Queueing Number Dispenser

Queueing Number Dispenser

At a glance: Size: 19" Resolution: 1280x1024 Brightness: 300 cd/㎡ Contrast Ratio: 1000:1 Media player: Audio/Video/Text OS: Windows, Linux Certificates: FCC, CE, ROHS ...

Queueing number dispenser


Features & Benefits

Customizable branding and menu display

Simple order steps for guests

Automatic display of prices for add-ons or combos

Payment flexibility supporting: debit, credit, Apple Pay, Android Pay and cash

Detailed reporting to better understand customer preferences


Typical Applications

For schools, doctors’ offices, human resources, and any other business in need of a printing solution to reduce bottlenecks and costs, a self service kiosk is the answer. Printing and scanning clusters can provide an all-in-one solution for:

★ Private scanning, printing and submission of sensitive documents.

★ Printing receipts, tickets, and forms for administrative needs and events.

★ Scanning credit cards, passports and other documents for identification verification.

These features offer a multitude of solutions depending on the needs of the facility. The self service kiosk can communicate securely with any web based management software to ensure safe handling of inbound and outbound information as needed.


Q: How to maintance it when the AD display terminal working without sound?

A: Turn off first of first thing.

Figure out the verison of the AD display terminal,then check if the main switch is ok.

If all ok and stand-alone, confirming which part is the problem from, hardware or software.

If software, check the setting.

If hardware, open the back door, check and make sure no component damage or displacement,no loose wiring, no rupture,no insulation broken and no foreign material get in.

If all ok, Check if speakers or PCBA is powered on with the multieter.

If all ok, Check if pins in the plug/socket of speakers or PCBA are curved or broken.

If all ok, inform us to express and replace the component of the broken one.

If Network.

Same as above workflow.


Q: What is floor standing LCD advertising player?

A: Briefly floor standing LCD advertising player is assembled by TFT LCD Screen, mainboard, and housings.

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