With the rapid development of social economy and culture, fashion has gradually become a hot topic, and the development of the apparel industry in recent years is very impressive. How to change the traditional propaganda method, use digital signage with more informational, advanced and fashionable method to advertise is so important. Customers can know the product information through videos, pictures, texts in digital display.


Tonme supplied ANGELO chain store 300 pcs floor standing digital signage for indoor advertising. The 65” display with high-definition images, 1920*1080 resolution, and its delicate design perfectly suites the fashion store decoration. Also Tonme helps install ANGELO’s own APK in Android system.


Our advertising display not only plays product video and image anytime anywhere, but also can publish text information (notifications, announcements, news, weather forecasts, holiday greetings, slogans and other rolling subtitles).


Fashion Store Digital Display


Tonme digital signage saves ANGELO much labor promotion costs, and its fashionable, novel propaganda method add a lot of popularity to the store.