With the advent of the information age, people have more and more access to information. Hotel is a place with a large flow of people, now more and more digital signage can be found in the lobby, floor, escalator and even corridors of the hotel. This is because the application of digital signage in these places can broadcast hotel service information in a timely and effective manner, such as hotel introduction, hotel map, food recommendation, room use, preferential activities, local tourism Information, etc. It not only helps the guests to understand the information, but also can fully promote the hotel's products and services, thus bringing more benefits to the hotel.


Hotel digital signage has function for human-computer interaction, providing guests better interactive experience in live games, celebrations, etc.


Hotel digital can release the hotel and its surrounding entertainment venues and tourist attractions in a timely manner. It can also display and forecast daily information such as weather information, world clock, air quality, etc., providing customers with convenient and personalized services and improving customer satisfaction, enhancing hotel services and brands.


The use of digital signage in hotels can better promote hotel branding and marketing. Hotels can also cooperate with merchants to publish other business information, shopping and travel information to achieve a win-win situation.


Hotel Digital Signage


With great honor, Tonme cooperated with OYO hotel, which has thousands of hotels in China, supplied wall-mounted and floor-standing digital signage to over 300 hotels in different cities. These digital signage are playing an important role in hotel industry.