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The Most Important Requirements For The Ultimate Outdoor LCD Advertising Machine
November 15, 2019

The most important requirements for the ultimate outdoor LCD advertising machine


    Whether the outdoor LCD advertising machine can attract everyone's eyes, more than the actual effect of propaganda planning, the key is to rely on the broadcast variety show, and the novelty of the product, beautiful and generous, Tonme high-tech as a professional outdoor LCD advertising machine Manufacturers, for everyone to introduce this extreme outdoor LCD advertising machine must have the following two major regulations.


    1. Enclosure: The outer casing is the same as the clothing. In addition to the bright and beautiful color, there are also the shell design and style, which are all the key elements of this outdoor LCD advertising machine. Tonme technology outdoor advertising machine manufacturers, regardless of the shape of the shell or the color of the mix, as well as the choice of materials, model design, have a wealth of experience. Also obtained the recognition and approval of the majority of customers. Together, Tonme's outdoor casing is made of galvanized steel and outdoor powder or aluminum alloy and outdoor powder. It can be considered for outdoor use for about 7 years. Together, it uses high perspective, low reflection surface, zero ultraviolet light, anti-glare, It can isolate 60% of the sun's auxiliary light, anti-terrorism and anti-riot, and meet the international tempered glass specifications for outdoor LCD screen tempered laminated glass.


    2. Internal equipment: In addition to each of the ultimate outdoor LCD advertising machines, bright colors, novelty design, but also the nerve center of outdoor LCD advertising machine, as the internal original of the LCD advertising machine, Tonme has always been highly Pay attention to, the main control board of our factory is all tested by the full-time personnel, so as to ensure the stable internal equipment.


   Since the product is a high-definition advertising machine, the LCD screen uses a bright advertising machine with a brightness of 2,500, so the temperature will be high. However, for internal stability, the YIRV has an automatic temperature control system in addition to air conditioning. . This system software allows LCD advertising machines to be safe in both the maximum temperature and the lowest temperature.


   Outdoor advertising machine buying skills, not seeking the most expensive but seeking the best


   When buying outdoor advertising machines, we don't know how to buy cheap and beautiful outdoor advertising machines. So what kind of tricks do you have to buy an advertising machine? The key to purchasing LCD advertising machines is to choose from many levels: quality, system software and solutions, pre-sales and after-sales service items, prices, and manufacturers.


   In fact, when buying outdoor advertising machines, we don't know how to buy cheap and beautiful outdoor advertising machines. So what kind of tricks do you have to buy an advertising machine? Advertising machine purchase is mainly selected from several aspects: quality, system and solution, pre-sales and after-sales, we must remember not to ask the most expensive when buying advertising machines, but the most "good"


   However, the price is always a problem that consumers are more concerned about. It is impossible for anyone to prevent it. At the same time, the development of advertising machines has been more than ten years now, and the price difference between advertising machines is not very large. Therefore, in the process of purchasing advertising machines, we still need to first understand our own needs, even if it is When you encounter a higher-priced advertising machine, you can also ask in depth why the price of the advertising machine is so high. After shopping around, you can definitely buy the advertising machine you need.


   In the specific application of the LCD advertising machine, the reliability and compatibility mode of the product are very important.


   Indoor LCD advertising machines, outdoor LCD advertising machines and other different types of LCD advertising machines, the aspect ratio, size and appearance allowed by the installation, the natural environment and so on are all different. Therefore, it is still very important to allow audio programs to be played and whether the application site can be connected to the Internet.


   In the actual application of outdoor advertising machines, the machine may run continuously for 7×24 hours. Therefore, the stability and heat dissipation of the advertising machine should be an important factor to consider when purchasing the machine. In addition, the advertising machine must have good compatibility. In the specific application, the system software with strong compatibility mode can be fully adapted to a wide variety of machines to achieve a variety of functions, so that you can reduce the cost of your application.

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