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High-definition Touch Screen Outdoor Advertising Machine Is Of Great Significance For Building A Smart Business Circle!
December 02, 2019

"In recent years, the rapid development of intelligent technology has increased the enthusiasm for building smart business circles in major cities. Many cities' commercial pedestrian streets and commercial complexes have begun to use Internet technology, outdoor advertising display terminals and other software and hardware terminal equipment to upgrade service quality. In terms of resource integration and improvement of operational efficiency, fruitful results have been achieved. "Said Tonme Electronics, a well-known outdoor commercial display industry solution provider in China.

Relevant data shows that the rapid development of China's urbanization in recent years has made the population of major cities larger and larger. At present, there are more than 60 large cities with urban populations exceeding 1 million. Due to the large population, consumers are often overcrowded in major business districts of major cities during holidays and subsequent consumers. If the management unit of the business district does not provide adequate services, it will not only affect the shopping experience of consumers, but also be prone to accidents.

With the emergence of a powerful outdoor highlighting advertising terminal, based on the many innovative service models it has produced, the related problems have been effectively alleviated. According to Chuangweida Electronics, many business district management units currently install terminals such as floor-mounted touch screen all-in-one advertising machines in eye-catching locations, so that workers can use the background management system to control networked display terminals, provide consumers with business navigation, Information services such as pedestrian flow distribution, safety reminders, and merchant discount promotions guide consumers quickly to target areas and evacuate dense crowds in local areas. Not only the service efficiency has been greatly improved, but also the comfort of the shopping environment in the shopping district can be effectively guaranteed.

In fact, the role of outdoor advertising terminal is far from this. As the bright outdoor advertising machine with touch screen function has very powerful multimedia display and interactive functions, surrounding businesses can use this as a medium to accurately pass their own event ideas, promotions and other information to the target crowd, thereby attracting more Many customers come to spend and increase the popularity of merchants; on the other hand, operating units can use outdoor display terminals connected to all corners of the distribution business circle to provide high-quality publicity and promotion platforms for surrounding businesses to improve their own income-generating capabilities. Finally, for consumers In other words, you can also quickly obtain practical information such as business addresses and discounts through various outdoor advertising terminal terminals such as vertical and floor standing, so that you can plan your shopping route reasonably and save the time of finding your favorite business. The ultimate win!

At present, the huge role of outdoor advertising terminals in improving shopping experience and operating efficiency in commercial districts has gradually become well known in major industries, and has become an indispensable facility for creating smart commercial districts in major cities. Among the major professional outdoor advertising machine suppliers, Tonme Electronics successfully stands out with its reliable quality and perfect service, and has now become the designated partner for many cities to build smart business circles.

As a professional manufacturer that has been cultivating in the commercial display industry for many years, Tonme Electronics has unique advantages in the field of outdoor highlight advertising machines. At present, it has formed "solution design, outdoor R & D, sheet metal shell processing, whole machine sales installation, The complete industry chain of “Service Network Layout” can provide users in various industries with more than industry standard outdoor commercial display overall solutions.

It is understood that the outdoor advertising machine produced by Tonme not only has a stylish appearance, but also has been widely recognized by various circles. Take the company's vertical outdoor LCD advertising machine, this series of products use industrial-grade outdoor LCD display, the brightness reached 1500-2500 lumens, even under strong light, the display effect is still sharp and sharp. Not only that, its equipment also adopts a new waterproof structure design, which can realize full outdoor waterproof, dustproof, anti-theft, explosion-proof, and ensure that the equipment can be used outdoors for 8 years without fading, and the overall protection level reaches IP65. At the same time, the company's equipment is also equipped with an intelligent cooling and heating integrated temperature control system and a professional custom-developed industrial air conditioner, coupled with the company's patented heat dissipation technology, which can ensure normal work regardless of severe cold and heat, and the outdoor environment temperature range can reach- 40 ℃ ~ + 55 ℃.

With excellent product quality and excellent after-sales service, at present, the company's various outdoor highlight LCD advertising machine equipment has been widely used in bus stations, community parks, commercial districts, highway toll stations, electric locomotives Charging stations and other places have brought significant economic and social benefits to customers, and have been well received by partners.

Tonme Electronics believes that with the advancement of China's urbanization in the future, the size of China's urban population will continue to grow rapidly, and it will inevitably raise higher requirements for commercial infrastructure construction. Therefore, if various outdoor advertising machine display terminals can be introduced, it will undoubtedly be of great significance to the relevant management units to create an intelligent business circle, improve the shopping service experience, reduce costs and increase efficiency.

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