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Why Is It That LED Advertising Display Will Become A Key Bridge In The Advertising Media Market?
January 24, 2020

At present, outdoor LED advertising machines are more and more popular with advertisers and audiences due to their unique creativity, high-definition multi-angle vision, and large-area interaction. Urban expansion. There is no doubt that the outdoor LED advertising machine advertising media market has become the current blue ocean market for LED advertising machine companies, especially the changes in various new technologies and new ideas, which have brought more possibilities for it, and when outdoor LED display large screens The "wonderful thoughts" of people who ran into advertisements are really amazing!


First, energy saving starts from now, a digital billboard with automatic power off


To increase public awareness of energy conservation, JWT has customized a digital billboard in London. The billboard consists of a simple circuit diagram and a Kit Kat chocolate style switch. When the clock struck at 8:30, Kit Kat on the circuit was suddenly chopped into two sections, and the poster's power was turned off. Consistent with the lights off time on the tower bridge, this perfect linkage gave the illusion that it turned off the bridge's power.


Second, the menu icon turns into a weather forecast and puts on an LED advertising machine


Recently, McDonald's, which prefers outdoor advertising, has zoomed in again: using the real-time data of the Bureau of Meteorology on the LED advertising machine to bring new opportunities to the unpredictable weather. An unpacked hamburger represents the sun, and the sun is fine; a flipped French fries means it rains, remember to go out with an umbrella; fries dipped in tomato juice vividly show the temperature conditions; smoking Coffee is naturally cloudy. A total of 8 different icons have been designed to show the changes in the weather in April.


Third, digital blessing, the transmission method is more flexible


With the large-scale successful deployment of digital outdoor networks, continuous breakthroughs in LED advertising technology, and the addition of new technologies such as live broadcast, multi-screen simulcast, package screen, and interaction, it flexibly meets the multi-directional outdoor large-screen The demand has made up for the shortcomings of conventional outdoor media, such as monotonous and simple operation.


4. Touchable small-pitch LED for better interactive experience


Not only that, the outdoor display products of many screen companies have begun to lean towards interactive technology. Recently, screen companies in the industry have introduced touchable and writable LED advertising machines that use infrared scanning multi-point technology to achieve multi-point smooth touch effects, which can be customized to achieve effective touch areas according to the actual needs of users. Interactive "new experience.


Outdoor advertising has already crossed the era of one-way communication. How to make the audience part of the interaction has been the subject of current research on the development of outdoor LED advertising, and it is also the direction of LED advertising machine enterprise technology, product and solution innovation. In terms of content dissemination, future flexible ideas and fusion of diversified innovation methods may become the mainstream development direction of LED.


At present, the outdoor LED advertising machine www.tmdigitalsignage.com is in the wind of development. We should seize this historical opportunity. We hope that the outdoor LED advertising machine can become a beautiful landscape of the city and a symbol of urban culture, even the cultural heritage of the city. Key nodes, not stumbling blocks.

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