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The Era Of Traditional LCD Screens Is Coming To An End, And The LED Digital Signage Is Running And Entering!
January 31, 2020

Maybe unwilling and uncomfortable, but in the face of the trend of changing times, the end and exit of LCD will be inevitable. The industry does not have to be pessimistic and embarrassed because the LCD loses market vitality, because the end of one era means the beginning of another new era. This new era is an era dominated by outdoor LED advertising machines that have completely different product forms and technical principles but have overwhelming advantages in key capabilities.


Traditional outdoor LED advertising machine solutions have been widely accepted because they can change the content on multiple displays in a centralized manner at any given time, allow remote or central control, and save time, resources, and costs. In recent years, innovative technologies have greatly expanded the application range of traditional outdoor LED advertising machine systems, and provided new competitive advantages for points of sale, museums, hotels or restaurants. Today, the development focus of outdoor LED advertising players has quickly shifted to interactive content, which has become the hottest topic in the market. Several significant mega trends have gradually formed to help the industry meet the next round of new developments in outdoor LED advertising players. opportunity.


A big problem that outdoor advertising has faced for a long time is always the ambiguity of advertising effectiveness tracking. Media planners often refer to this as CPM, which generally refers to the cost of every thousand people who come into contact with advertising, but this is at best a rough estimate. Except for the online advertising pay-per-click method, which is particularly related to digital content, people still cannot accurately measure the effectiveness of advertising media.


New technology will work: Proximity sensors and cameras with face recognition can accurately measure whether a person is within range, and even detect whether the target audience is watching or watching the target media. Modern machine algorithms can even accurately detect key parameters such as age, gender, and emotion by analyzing facial expressions on the camera lens screen. In addition, interactive touch screens can be clicked to measure specific content and accurately evaluate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and return on investment. The combination of face recognition and touch technology can measure exactly how many target audiences respond to which content, and help to further create more targeted advertising and promotions, as well as ongoing optimization efforts.


Despite the increasing availability of interactive multi-touch hardware, compared to the situation of smartphones and tablets in the B2C field, there is still a very lack of touch screen software and software developers in the B2B field. Therefore, until now, professional touch screen software is still independently developed on demand, and often requires greater effort, time and financial resources; manufacturers and distributors naturally have difficulties in selling monitors, especially when the hardware is inexpensive The cost comparison with the cost of custom software development is simply impractical. In the future, touch screens will achieve greater success in B2B. Standardized software development tools and distribution platforms will be inevitable in order to ensure that they can be more widely used, thereby bringing touch screen technology to a new level.


Therefore, the development and market focus of outdoor LED advertising players in the next few years will focus on realizing customer interaction and participation through new interactive technologies and innovative solutions, and improving the entire interactive process and experience. At the same time, with the rapid development of more advanced audio and display technologies, the Internet of Things will interconnect everything, and cloud computing and artificial intelligence will drive growth. The audiovisual industry will be one of the pillars of future market development. One of the development hot spots will be in the entertainment and new media experience. The large-scale transformation of the market has opened up many new and exciting new platforms and business opportunities for enterprises and industry players. Trends and data show that the development prospects of the audiovisual market in the next few years are bright. To be sure, the industry is ready to meet the golden growth period of the professional audiovisual and integrated experience industry, which is full of new opportunities.

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