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Digital Signage LCD Advertising Machine Creates ‘Only My Most Intimate’ Shopping Atmosphere
January 20, 2020

In this highly developed information society, consumers have more and more choices, and can get relevant information at the first time through mobile terminals represented by smart phones. As a retailer, Zhongshiguang can take full advantage of this to provide consumers with services anytime, anywhere. The LCD advertising machine has created the "only me most intimate" shopping atmosphere. Of course, in order to achieve the desired results, digital information dissemination tools are essential, and LCD advertising machines are the leader among them.


With the formation of consumers' online shopping habits, the retailer's marketing atmosphere is no longer limited to in-store. Through effective integration with the LCD advertising machine network, it can not only make up for the geographical limitations of physical stores, but also ensure that even online, Consumers create "real" experiences like in-store shopping. Liquid crystal advertising machines are used to replace traditional static posters. While ensuring that relevant information is pushed in a more timely manner, consumers can be more involved through interaction, which effectively stimulates consumers' shopping desires.


In the holiday promotion, the application of LCD advertising machine is wise, but if you want to achieve the expected application effect, you must also use it properly. So, how to maximize the value of the LCD advertising machine in the shopping season?


1. Taking online shopping as its own advantage, retailers can create digital catalogs in stores, effectively integrate in-store shopping with website elements, so that online users can also experience the "real" of in-store shopping.


2. Add digital elements to retail stores. Retailers can set up a large-screen LCD advertising machine at the entrance of the store to attract consumers and stimulate their shopping desires through wonderful videos, pictures or highly explosive information broadcast.


3. Make full use of the interactive function of the interactive advertising machine, and set up interesting interactive links in the store to extend the time that consumers stay in the store, so that the guides can provide consumers with more targeted services and stimulate consumption.


4. The content setting of the LCD advertising machine should be precise so as to stand out from the competition. For example, a retailer can adjust the playback content in time according to the different consumer groups who enter the store at different time periods, provide consumers with practical information that meets their needs, and impress consumers with humanity.

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