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What Functions Does The Wireless Network Advertising Digital Signage System Have?
January 13, 2020

Network advertising machine is a kind of intelligent device that we often apply to advertising and product promotion in major shopping malls, banks, hotels, buildings and other places. However, due to the different functions of network advertising machine systems, it can be divided into wireless, Wired two types of network advertising machine.


The advertising machine is a new generation of intelligent equipment. It constitutes a complete advertising broadcast control system through terminal software control, network information transmission and multimedia terminal display, and is carried out through multimedia materials such as pictures, text, videos, widgets (weather, exchange rate, etc.). Advertising. The original idea of the advertising machine was to change the advertising from passive to active, so the interactive nature of the advertising machine made it have many public service functions, and used this to attract customers to actively browse the advertising.


So, do you know what the wireless network advertising machine system has?


Functional analysis of wireless network advertising machine system:


1. File management


The wireless network advertising machine system can upload or delete advertising source at any time and place, and it can upload online files to preview online, so as to ensure the accuracy of the playback content. In addition, it can also create different playlists as required. .


2.Group management


The wireless network advertising machine system can assign playback terminals with the same requirements to the same group, and then implement centralized management on them, so that the same group can play the same advertising source. In addition, the content of a predetermined advertising machine can be played in a prescribed period, so that different advertisements can also be played in different periods.


3.Remote settings


Wireless network advertising machines, like building advertising machines, can be controlled remotely. For example, when we are in a different place, we can also remotely control the playback of advertising machines through the network. In addition, it can also remotely set the restart, volume, automatic on / off time, remote formatting, remote update of terminal software of the advertising machine, etc.


4.Video format


Because there are many video formats, in order to facilitate the use of wireless network advertising machine, its wireless network advertising machine system can support JPG, JPEG pictures, MPEG 1/2/4 (DIVX, XVID), M-JPEG , AVI and other video formats. In addition, it can support local storage without network downtime.


In addition to the functions of the wireless network advertising machine system described above, it also has the functions of automatic synchronization, counting the cumulative playback times and playback time of each file. In addition, it can also support multi-user operation, making the use of the wireless network advertising machine system simpler, more convenient and faster.

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