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TONME Digital Touch Table Highly Favored By Customers From Milner Library
March 03, 2020

A large interactive digital wall will be a signature feature in the revitalized Stanley A. Milner Library come 2020. In order to build familiarity, excitement and literacy among our customers in preparation for this unique technology, a small-scale version is currently in place at Mill Woods Branch. 

The 65” multi-touch table is on the public floor, offering game-like learning and entertaining digital exhibits.

The touch table allows multiple customers to gather around and use it simultaneously, and promotes learning and social engagement. This technology at our Mill Woods Branch is not only an opportunity to offer an experience previously not available to customers, but also to collect data to inform the overall experience of the two-storey digital wall.

Initial exhibits include interactive science quizzes, memory puzzles, biographies of historical figures and locally-created educational games, as well as programs that support creative expression. The aim is to rotate content in order to offer variety, as well as test content that may be suitable to be displayed on a large-scale digital wall in the future.

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