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TONME 21.5 Inch Digital Signage With Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser
March 27, 2020

Have you seen those wall mounted or floor standing digital signage with hand sanitizer dispensers in restaurants or shooping malls, grocery stores, medical facilities and other high traffic public locations? On top of the sanitizer are LCD display that feature advertisements or information about a company or organization that is sponsoring or paying to display their advertisement.
Hand sanitizer dispenser digital signage are useful because the passing by traffic is drawn to the hand sanitizer due to the free offering. While getting the free hand sanitizer, the audience stops and view the advertisement display. This form of visual communications is a unique and eye-catching form of getting messages seen.

With the spread of Corona virus all around the world, hand sanitizer dispener is getting more useful and popular. Digital signage with hand sanitizer dispenser will be highly favored.

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