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'New Infrastructure' Boosts The Rapid Development Of Charging Pile Digital Signage, Adding 280,000 Units To The Market By 2025
April 09, 2020

Affected by the global epidemic, the global economy is under pressure. The domestic epidemic situation has been well controlled, but the overseas epidemic situation has not yet seen an inflection point. To hedge the economic pressure brought about by the epidemic situation, the new infrastructure has been put on the agenda. According to CCTV reports, the new infrastructure includes 7 major areas including 5G infrastructure, UHV, big data center, industrial Internet, new energy vehicle charging piles, intercity high-speed railway and urban rail transportation, and artificial intelligence, involving many industrial chains, including new energy. Automobile charging piles are an important part. Under this upsurge, the advertising machine industry will also usher in new opportunities under the impact of the epidemic.


According to data from the Transportation Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, as of the end of 2019, the number of new energy vehicles reached 3.81 million. However, according to the statistics of the China Charging Union, at the end of 2019, the national charging infrastructure was about 1.22 million units, the number of public charging piles was about 520,000, and the vehicle-to-pile ratio was about 3.5: 1 (including private charging piles). There is still a significant gap compared with the 1: 1 planned in the Facility Development Guide (2015-2020).


Cumulative million market space for charging equipment by 2025


In 2019, China's car sales were 25.77 million units, and new energy vehicle sales accounted for 4.7%; new public piles were 129,900 units, and the new public pile ratio was 9.4: 1. The solicitation of "New Energy Vehicle Industry Development Plan (2021-2035)" mentioned that the sales of new energy vehicles accounted for 25% of new car sales in 2025, when the annual sales of new energy vehicles will exceed 6 million. With the development of the "new infrastructure" and the increase in demand for new energy vehicles, China's public charging pile market is expected to use Dongfeng to trigger a new round of development boom. The ratio of new piles will continue to decline year by year, and the number of ownership will reach 2025 4 million units.


Local policies continue to follow up to activate the development potential of charging piles


Recently, the Hunan Development and Reform Commission said that it will accelerate the construction of charging infrastructure; Hainan plans to provide subsidies for construction and operation of electric vehicle charging infrastructure in the province in batches from 2020; Guangxi Province released the "Energy Network" related construction plan, which plans to invest in charging facilities for three years 1.394 billion yuan, 20,335 new energy vehicle charging piles were built; Beijing issued comments for 2019-2020 charging construction and operation subsidies, the construction subsidy standard is 7kW and below charging subsidies 0.4 yuan / W, and 7kW and above charging subsidies 0.5 yuan / W, The daily reward standard is 0.1 yuan / kWh. It is expected that the remaining provinces will also respond to the central government ’s call to continue to support the construction of charging infrastructure, and the policy trend is good.


Intelligent charging pile advertising machine ushered in 280,000 market space


There are two types of smart charging piles: private piles and public piles. As a personal charging pile, the private pile is generally not open to the outside world; it is mainly built in the residential area of the car owner, and the charging pile enterprise can only participate in the two links of equipment sales and maintenance. Public piles are mainly built in public parking spaces to provide public charging services for social vehicles, and achieve profitability through the basic electricity fee and charging service fee model. The position of the public pile is fixed and has the function of information release, so it has also attracted the attention of advertising machine companies. However, at present, the penetration rate of charging pile advertising machines in public charging piles is not high, less than 5%; the overall shipment of corporate charging pile advertising machines is relatively small, mostly for new energy vehicle charging pile operators. . The reason is that the large-size screen charging pile will greatly increase the cost to 1 ~ 2 times, and the advertising machine charging pile is mostly a charging service fee. Investors have difficulties in recovering from the advertising of a single car group. The increase in screen size brings The high cost concerns, the market has not triggered investment enthusiasm.


Calculated with a 5% penetration rate, there is still room for market development of 170,000 units by 2025. According to some enterprises surveyed by Overiwo: With the support of market demand and the “new infrastructure” and new energy policies of local governments, the construction speed and density of public charging piles will increase greatly in the future, and the display audience will gradually expand and attract more With more investment from media manufacturers, advertising machine companies will also increase their layout, and the market penetration rate of charging pile advertising machines will further increase, forming a benign market cycle, and the market will usher in blowout growth with promising prospects. Under the optimistic market prospects, assuming that the penetration rate of the charging pile advertising machine will reach 10% in 2025, TONME will make the following predictions about the future trend of the charging pile advertising machine: the new sales volume of the charging pile advertising machine will usher in the next five years It has doubled its growth, with a cumulative increase of 280,000 units by 2025.

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