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Commercial Display: Let Smart Life Be Everywhere
August 24, 2020

With the development of the Internet of Things technology, more and more smart terminals equipped with commercial displays appear in cities, and new interactive methods allow people to experience a unique smart life.


Shangxian settled in landmark buildings


The TONME98-inch 4K smart display terminal and ultra-narrow frame splicing screen adopted by China Zun are equipped with ADSDS hard screen technology, which makes the display screen more delicate. At the same time, the characteristics of anti-wear and anti-scratch also ensure the screen in special environments and long working hours. It can maintain a safer and more stable operation, and has irreplaceable characteristics in special display fields such as security and monitoring.


Today, more and more high-tech buildings are inseparable from commercial displays. The passenger service information display equipment provided by TONME can be seen everywhere in the newly completed Daxing Airport, which not only provides various flight information for global passengers coming and going, but also allows staff to efficiently provide transportation services and complete production scheduling.


TONME commercial display solutions are also fully adopted in the office building of Beijing City Sub-center and Xiong'an Citizen Service Center. TONME patchwork has only a 0.99mm ultra-narrow bezel LCD screen and 74 screens to form a heart-shaped splicing screen, which vividly and clearly displays all kinds of government information, adding a new modern digital landmark to Xiongan.


5G brings more opportunities to commercial display


In smart cities, commercial displays have become a landscape among urban buildings. Especially with the early arrival of 5G commercialization and the rapid development of the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and big data, "information video and ultra-high-definition video" have become a major trend in the development of the global information industry, and display screens are becoming people’s understanding of the city , An important port for managing the city and enjoying city life.


According to analysis, in 2018, the sales of commercial display terminals such as educational whiteboards, splicing screens, and advertising machines in China have reached 41.9 billion yuan, and in 2022, it may grow into a huge market of 100 billion yuan and bring more markets. opportunity.


The 5G era is an era of rapid development of information, opening a door to the construction of smart cities. With the acceleration of 5G, lifestyles such as smart transportation, smart medical care, distance education, and smart security will get closer and closer to our lives.


TONME is deeply integrating display, big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies to bring people Internet of Things solutions in more segments.


Ubiquitous commercial displays dot the bustling city, allowing more people to experience the wisdom and convenience brought by the Internet of Things, and adorn people's colorful lives.

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