In modern society, multimedia information is ubiquitous, and multimedia information in multimedia information distribution systems includes text, sound, graphics, images, animations, videos, and the like. "Multimedia" refers to a technology that can simultaneously acquire, process, edit, store, and display two or more different types of information media, also known as a multimedia information distribution system. Multimedia technology is often associated with computers.This is due to the digitalization and interactive processing capabilities of computers, which greatly promotes the development of multimedia technologies.

Multimedia can often be thought of as a new technology or product that combines advanced computer technology with video, audio and communications technologies. Therefore, we believe that multimedia is a computer integrated processing of multimedia information such as text, graphics, images, audio, video, etc., so that a variety of information to establish a logical connection, integrated into a system and interactive. It is a rapidly developing comprehensive electronic information technology that has brought profound revolution to people's work, life, and entertainment.


When it comes to multimedia information systems, we have to mention computer information systems. Computer information system refers to the system that provides information and assists people in controlling and making decisions on the environment. It is a modernized tool and means based on computers and communication networks, and serves the information processing system in the field of management. It is composed of computer science and information science. A discipline that has been developed through the penetration of multiple disciplines such as management science. Multimedia information system is the advanced development direction of multimedia information of computer information system. It is a new generation of highly integrated, powerful and intelligent information system. The multimedia information system is not limited to text and numerical values, but also can use a large amount of information of various media such as images, dynamic videos, and sounds, and has better information performance, better interactivity, and greater use of information.


Tonme Digital Multimedia Information Publishing System is a powerful information publishing software independently developed by the company. It is specially used for editing and publishing of various display terminals such as PDP, DLP, LCD, video wall system, LED, etc. The system uses two kinds of systems. Compatible structural mode (C/S, B/S), which can realize cross-platform management of multiple operating system terminals, and select functional modules according to the actual needs of users, providing diversified consulting release management functions.