With the rapid development of electronic information products and smart products, and the increasingly high requirements of human life for service environment and service efficiency, especially in service industries, the concept of queuing system has emerged.

Before the queuing system was born, the waiters always stood in line when they lined up. They were squeezing and rushing. They were afraid that they would be wrong, and even brought about language and physical conflicts. After the birth of the queuing system, these problems were completely avoided. After waiting for the ticket, the waiting staff could wait in line at the rest of the lounge.



The queuing system not only improves service efficiency and improves the service environment; more importantly, it brings a good environment to the waiters, relaxes the mood, and even arranges their waiting time reasonably.


With the development of the queuing system, from the use of the bank branch system, the hospital queuing system, the prison visit queuing system, etc.; from the ticket collection method, the touch screen queuing system, the push-button queuing system, etc.; Wired queues, bank wireless queues, etc.


The hospital triage queuing management system is a set of computer-based medical management system developed by our company through a large number of investigations on the hospital environment, treatment process and workflow. It can well solve the disorderly and doctor's work queued at the time of patient visit. Unbalanced quantity, noisy environment, etc.


In order to reduce the long-term, people have handled too many financial business in the business hall of the bank. They waited in the queue before waiting, sometimes queued for more than one hour or even longer, and the customers who were inconvenient to handle the business were greatly improved. Establish a good image, solve the fatigue of the queuing phenomenon, create a humanized service environment, can well solve the queue, waiting, crowding and chaos encountered by customers in the business, and truly create a comfortable, fair and friendly waiting environment. And the service terminal provided.