Restuarant Digital Menu


Digital menu is not a simple screen, but a smart big screen application, support for unified platform management of multiple applications, realizes interactive marketing by the use of menus. Digital menus no longer need to increase the manpower and expenses of planning activities, greatly improves operational efficiency. The remote control technology allows the head office to control the entire branch network with one click, update the screen of all chains efficiently and synchronically. Digital menus also support multi-level management, whether it is a single store or thousands of chain stores, allowing franchisees to synchronize marketing with brands, or independently.


In the past, the management of the catering industry is always extensive, partial and empirical, which made the restaurant management costly and inefficient, not conducive to the sustainable development of the restaurant. The emergence of digital management allowed more restaurants to achieve management in a more convenient, higher-effective and smarter way.


Tonme provided 3 pcs 49” wall-mounted digital menu to each of SEALIVE branch restaurant, totally reaches 250 pcs. These digital menu greatly improves the efficiency and make the restaurant more popular.