Smart Class Card


Tonme smart class card is a smart campus multimedia interactive terminal. The platform integrates class culture show, shift class scheduling, IOT control, educational management, attendance management, quality evaluation, resource management, home school interconnection and so on, it is a modern means of campus management.


Tonme smart class card not only collects students’ data, but also presents. By collection, analysis and presentation of the big data, school, teacher, students and parents can exchange information, making campus management integration and dataization a reality, effectively promoting the educational transformation and innovation.


Tonme brought its smart class card to Nantong Experimental Primary school, equipped each class a smart device which is highly favored by both teachers and students.


Students can have the attendance-check by face recognition, finger print, IC card and other identification methods. Parents can check their children’s attendance, grades, homework, and evaluation on we-chat. Teacher can carry out their daily work in the system such as homework posting and rating, class change, notice release, student’s attendance check, leave approval and so on.