The touch query system uses computer and network technology to query relevant data or information by touch, for government agencies, post and telecommunications, finance, insurance, tourism, taxation, industry and commerce, hospitals, hotels, customs, stations, airports, exhibitions, police stations, Real estate, shopping malls, libraries, public prosecution law agencies, street communities, and other administrative agencies and other public service areas are good ways to release information to the public. They are characterized by intuitiveness, image, speed, and beauty, and realize the service hall and service window. , the release of policies and regulations in public places, and the release of dynamic information. Provide users with convenient and fast policies and regulations. New information, important notifications, etc. for real-time queries.



With the rapid development of existing computer technology and the application of new technologies, it provides a reliable technical platform for the establishment of a new application system integrating query service and government affairs disclosure. The masses' requirements for expressway service information and advanced application systems not only facilitate the inquiries of the general public, but also improve the efficiency of work, and also establish a good image of the service area.


In response to the deficiencies of previous devices, the new touch screen query application system has adopted more new technologies and new methods. In terms of hardware, the touch screen of the inquiry machine adopts a more advanced surface acoustic wave screen, which has the advantages of anti-scratch, less reflection, fast response and long life. The product shape is more streamlined, with certain affinity and sense of the times. , software, make full use of modern multimedia technology, flash design the entire query system interface, pictures and texts, beautiful background music, dynamic picture effects, store text, pictures, video and other data in a centralized manner, with the help of touch screen display, and the powerful functions of the database It is convenient to add, delete or modify the promotional content in real time, and use LAN technology to remotely publish to each query terminal device.


For the actual situation of the service area personnel (such as traffic information, travel information requirements, etc.), the terminal equipment can be queried, and the information obtained by the inquiry can be printed later.