Outdoor Interactive Touch Kiosk

Outdoor Interactive Touch Kiosk

The outdoor touchscreen displays are available in 21.5", 27", 32", 43", 49", 55", 65", 75" and 86" LCD sizes, and are IP65 sealed for outdoor use. These outdoor kiosks are wall-mountable and feature an integrated heating and cooling system with allows them to function in a wide range of temperatures and climates. The enclosure is finished with a silver outdoor oxidation & hairline applied over cold rolled steel....

Outdoor Interactive Touch Kiosk




Outdoor kiosks by definition cost considerably more than indoor kiosks because of the many upgrades and changes needed for a kiosk to operate in wide temperature ranges and weather. 


Outdoor kiosks require water-sealed, outdoor powder coated enclosures, internal heating and cooling systems, wide-temperature RAM and wide-temperature solid state drives, high-brightness LCDs with cooling technology to allow exposure to sunlight, and several other outdoor kiosk modifications.


One fundamental question is how is the outdoor kiosk mounted? To a wall, or on a stand? A wall-mount is lower cost and works great if you happen to have a wall in the right place, while a stand can be deployed anywhere but is typically more costly.

Orientation to the sun is also critical to deploying outdoor kiosks. Although these kiosks are hardened against damaging sunlight exposure, prolonged direct sunlight can still damage an outdoor kiosk LCD. A North/South facing direction is recommended to minimize sunlight exposure.



Q: I haven't done business with you guys before,how can i trust your company?

A: Our company has been in Alibaba.com for almost 10 years, which is longer than most of our fellow suppliers, we've been golden suppliers for years. What's more, we've got quite a lot authority certificates, for example, CE, UL, RoHS, FCC ISO9001, BV, Alibaba onsite check certificate. I hope those above will be persuasive enough. Our Trade Assurance Limit is US $323,000, and it is still going up.


Q: What brand of screen are you using?

A: Samsung and LG screenare normally used for the digital signages and video walls, while customized screen is also supported.

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