The Smart Class Card is a multi-functional interactive terminal that can combine the teacher's subject teaching, the school's moral education work, and the school's various publicity messages and campus cards into various fields, so that students and teachers can look and apply. The smart class card can handle the problem of “walking class” attendance management, and combines emerging technologies such as cloud computing, Internet of Things and virtual reality technology with class management to enhance school management and management effectiveness.


Wisdom class card is a smart product that is equipped with high-level visualization and interactive functions at the entrance of each classroom. It is used to display the attendance data, class news, open courses, moral education, class glory, campus TV station and exams of each class. Field news, campus notices, and class collectives are the external display windows of smart campuses and smart classrooms. They are also the key carriers for school school culture and various information presentations. The smart class card can also seamlessly interface with the school campus card, educational management system, campus environmental control system, and smart wearable products to ensure that students and teachers can be realized in various ways such as ic card, facial recognition, two-dimensional code, and fingerprint.


The attendance function can also be connected with the school environment detection detector to instantly display the school's environmental inspection data, and summarize the data into the background for multi-dimensional statistical analysis, so that the smart class card becomes the school to realize the Internet of Things, big data. The entrance to information collection also provides key data support for the day-to-day management of the school.