Airport Digital Display


The airport information release system is assembled by a large-screen display system, which can be displayed on a single screen through a network multi-screen processor or displayed in any size across the screen, moving and zooming. The display mode setting function include fixed display mode and cyclic display mode, each display task can be displayed on the screen fixedly.


Also, multiple display tasks can be edited into a group in a certain order, and each task can be displayed in turn according to the set sequence and time interval. The large-screen display system also is able to edit and save multiple cyclically displayed task groups, and display different task groups cyclically based on different needs.


During the design of the airport large-screen display system, real-time video signal display is required. The airport large-screen display system developed by Tonme supports NTSC, PAL or SECAM full-standard video signal input, and also supports direct SDI format digital video display.


Tonme large-screen display system supports display by networking multi-screen processor and built-in image processing module. These video signals can be roamed and scaled at any size and position on the combined screen, and can be superimposed with the input RGB signal and network signal to ensure real-time performance for all video signals.


The application of large-screen display system in airport is to provide tourists with more convenient, more informational communication with improved efficiency, and more timely travel experience. It is more necessary to intelligently share information in real time, especially in the waiting area, aisle corridor, airport hall, security checkpoint and other areas where traffic is concentrated.


Tonme successfully designed the large-screen multimedia information release system for Guilin Airport, including interactive AIO, wall-mounted digital signage, multimedia player controller and streaming media encoder.